✧ ⟫ ganymede.

✧ » she/her, 21+.
✧ » feb 1, aquarius. chinese-canadian.
✧ » lesbian, taken (02/14/17)
✧ » entj, true neutral
✧ » hobby editor, writer, and graphic designer

♡ s-supporting judith von daphnel ♡
♡ edelstance enthusiast! ♡

probably screaming about some non-canon wlw ship right about now.
or probably dramatically listening to mitski while procrastinating

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general: literary theory, economics, environmentalism, writing, video editing, motion graphics editing, dogs

tv shows: grey's anatomy, how i met your mother, the good place, killing eve, jane the virgin

video games: fire emblem, ace attorney, octopath traveller, pokemon, legend of zelda, tales of (symphonia, graces, abyss, vesperia), undertale, final fantasy (vii, xiii), animal crossing

animation: bojack horseman, steven universe, the legend of korra, avatar: the last airbender, adventure time, spongebob squarepants

animanga: revue starlight, bloom into you (yagakimi), promare, kimetsu no yaiba, code geass, yūri!! on ice, ouran high school host club, free!, bleach, pokemon (pokespe, pokeani), puella magi madoka magica, no. 6, yu-gi-oh, detective conan

comfort characters:
✧ » meredith grey (grey's anatomy)
✧ » addison montgomery (grey's anatomy)
✧ » primrose azelhart (8path)
✧ » edelgard von hresvelg (fe3h)
✧ » remy hadley (house md)
✧ » robin scherbatsky (himym)

other favs:
✧ » arizona, teddy, amelia, alex (grey's anatomy)
✧ » gou, gladion, trainer leaf, n harmonia (pokemon)
✧ » h'aanit, ophelia (8path)
✧ » judith, manuela (fe3h)
✧ » eirika, lyon, joshua, seth, l'arachel (fe 8)
✧ » lachesis, ayra, arvis, seliph (fe 4)
✧ » micaiah, lyn, hector, minerva, melady (fire emblem)
✧ » franziska, adrian, athena, miles (aa)

please read!

NOTE: i did ship edelgard & byleth at one point and i no longer do. i don't mind people shipping it - ultimately student/byleth ships are not for me.

do not follow if...
✧ » you actively hate on edelgard. there are valid criticisms and sometimes i criticize her too, but she ultimately is a comfort character of mine.
✧ » you associate yourself with @vigilanttrans. i don't want to see him within my proximity. if i see that you interact with him on my dash, i will block you.
✧ » you are racist, xenophobic, homophobic, a pedophile - a bigot, really.
✧ » you're a communist, if i see a hammer and sickle in your profile, i'm blocking you. i'm okay with jokes, but i don't like seeing people advocating for communism.

before you follow...
✧ » i am multifandom, this means i can post a million things at once. if you're following for a mono-fandom experience you found the wrong handle.
✧ » i don't engage in drama, however, i will RT a callout post if warranted - i don't consider calling out abusers and bigots drama.
✧ » softblock when unfollowing!